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Lanyard USBs as Corporate Products

Written by Wednesday, 11 December 2013 05:37

In today’s world of easy access to information, there is no doubt that promotional merchandise which allows for convenient data storage like USB flashdrives will always be widely popular among your clients. Of course, convenience should not only be measured by the size of the flash drive or the capacity. You might also want to consider features such as portability. Such important quality can be found with our promotional lanyard USBs.

Belonging to our corporate USB range, these brandable USBs already come attached with a lanyard which means you can easily hand them on your neck together with other important work-related items such as your identification card or badges.

Customising Your USB Lanyard

What makes these promo flash drives even more fantastic as marketing tools is the fact they can be customised in a number ways. Let us count them:

1.       Choose a lanyard color – you can opt for colours similar to the company colours or a colour which will make your brand name or logo pop out.

2.       Choose a branding process – depending on your budget, you can choose between spot one colour and full colour sublimation.

3.       Choose a memory capacity – you have an option to pick a capacity from 256mb to 16GB.

4.       Choose to pre-load – you can request for your branded USBs to be pre loaded with data to provide recipients with more information about your company, products and services.

5.       Choose packaging – you can select from several gift box choices including tin cans or plastic bags.

Without a doubt, you save on time and money when you choose these USB lanyards as corporate products. You can hand them out to tradeshow attendees as souvenirs or gifts to your employees or part of your office supply.

Custom USB Sticks to the Rescue!

Written by Friday, 06 September 2013 01:34

Lugging around a laptop or even a tablet can be a hassle for many especially in the fast paced business world. Plus, there is always a chance of running out of juice in the middle of a presentation which can be awkward. Personalised USB flashdrives are here to save the day

From a business point of view, these USB sticks make he best promotional merchandise for they can be used in lieu of a business calling card. Everything you want your client to know about your brand can be pre-loaded onto these flashdrives and handed out during meetings, tradeshows, and conferences. The nifty file storage device works like any other plug and play accessories and can carry your most important documents, photos and video presentations.

The design of these flashdrives has also evovled, resulting to a really distinct and practical look. Some of our in demand style includes the following:

Credit card USB - easy to store in your wallet, or bag pockets

Pen USB - dual function and can be hooked on shirt pickets for convenience

Key USB - insert your key ring and never worry again about misplacing the thumb drive


Some Fun Ideas for Your USB Sticks

Written by Wednesday, 07 August 2013 03:34

There is no reason why you should not use your USB sticks for other purpose aside from transferring data. If you think that is their only reason for existence, think again. You will be delighted with these creative ideas for your thumb drive.

1.      Time capsule – although there is no guarantee that USB sticks will still exist in the future, there is no reason why you would not want to keep memories of the past which you can share with your future children and even grandchildren. You can easily fill it up with every bit of information you find interesting and worth relaying and store the USB flash drive into a huge metal container, sealing it tightly to secure it from environment factors.

2.      Mix Tape – or in this case, a mix USB stick. You can compile your favorite songs into a memory stick and give it to your special someone. You can choose a flash drive with a unique design to make it more memorable.

3.      Birthday or Anniversary Gift – giving someone a USB stick filled with songs, videos and photos sorted to follow a theme is really a nice gesture. Your recipient will appreciate the effort you made in choosing the files uploaded to the flash drive.

Essential Tips: USB Flashdrive Care

Written by Thursday, 04 July 2013 00:14

Using a USB flash drives on daily basis is not an uncommon thing in this digital era. Even when data kept in them aren't as important as it seems, we may not realise and appreciate the value of USB flash drives until you've lost the data by accident - both physically or "technologically" (is that even a word?)

Fortunately there are some things that you can do to help prolong lifespan of your tiny storage device. Below are our simple tips to keep your USB memory data safer.

a) Disconnecting


Two things that you need to remember, make sure your computer disconnect the USB before you remove it physically from USB port. Remember, the icon "Safely Remove Hardware" is there for a reason. This is the only proper way to shut connection down between your computer and the USB and ensure there is no damage or lose data happening.

b) Safety


Prevent fall where possible. Add lanyard, key chain, string, and keep it nicely attached to your backpack, purse, around your neck etc to prevent loss or damage. Just Also keep the cap on if you have one, dirt can easily get trapped.

c) Back up


Goes without saying - its always better to have extra backups in case you are out of luck.




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